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The Jaws

Multimedia exhibition «The Jaws. 400 million years underwater»

From fear to respect, from beauty to knowledge

An exhibition about sharks, created by the leading experts in the study of the world ocean. Interactive projections, exhibits of the Paleozoic era, a real dive to the bottom of the ocean, a virtual reality attraction and a giant Megalodon jaw are all waiting for you.

Exciting Projections

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural habitat of sharks thanks to impressive large-scale video projections

Ancient Exhibits

The age of the oldest exhibit presented at the exhibition is 350 million years, and the weight of the heaviest one is 15 kg. Find out what the skeletons of xenacanth sharks that lived 295 million years ago were like, as well as such rare fossils as the skeletons of acanthodians of incredible size, the spikes of hybodus sharks, the vertebrae of cretoxyrhina mackerel sharks.

3D Models

Rare exhibits from the best Russian museum and private collections live side-by-side with interactive projections that tell about the structure of sharks and their habits, and the guests will be able to control the 3D model of a shark and study it themselves.

The Stories of Outstanding Experts

The audience will be able to hear the stories of outstanding ocean researchers, experts from around the world: scientist-oceanologist Anatoly Sagalevich, traveler Fedor Konyukhov, director of the Museum of the World Ocean Svetlana Sivkova prove that knowledge overcomes fear.

The Giant Jaw of a Megalodon

Take a picture with the most impressive exhibit of the exhibition, a three-meter jaw of the Megalodon, the mysterious ancestor of the modern shark.

Have a Snack
Floor 0
Paluba and Amazonia Cafes
An amazing panoramic view on floating killer whales, playing dolphins and charming white whales in the water
Floor 1
Shokoladnitsa Cafe
You’re in for your favourite dishes and delicious desserts on Floor 1. You can take a seat at a comfortable table and watch marine animals through the glass or take your order away.
Floor 2
Narnia Bar Restaurant
Russian, Italian, American, Pan-Asian and other cuisines of the world. You can enjoy fragrant coffee and fresh juice.
Have a Rest
Floor 3
Nursing Room
In the baby care rooms on the ground, first and third floors of the complex you can feed and swaddle the baby.
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Recreation Areas
We designed everything in Moskvarium for you to have a nice rest. We have a lot of space filled with restaurants, cafes and recreation areas.
Floor 1
Here you can also leave children’s scooters, strollers, bicycles etc.
All Around Moskvarium
Barrier-Free Environment
Ramps, equipped elevators, a staircase chairlifts with a fold-away platform.
Floor 1
Photo Printing
You can choose any amount of the professional photos we make for you at Moskvarium and print them using an automatic machine on Floor 1.